Nature Relaxation On-Demand App Reviews

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Nature Relaxation Videos

These videos are very peaceful and relaxing. They are a great way to wind down from a stressful day.

Using for Labor

I’m so glad I found these videos. I’m planning to use them during labor as a focal point to help deal with the pain. The videos are high quality and tranquil, exactly what I’m looking for!

Very Relaxing

Second only to visiting these gorgeous locations in person Nature Relaxation videos stunning visuals combined with a choice between nature sounds or ambient music (I prefer the latter) create a sense of peace and calm. I used to leave my screen savers running, but now I use Nature Relaxation videos. With the mobile app I’m able to enjoy my bit of zen wherever.

Counseling Office

I meet with clients on a daily basis and have found this tool incredibly useful and therapeutic! Patients find these videos to be calming and inviting. I enjoy being able to help others create a safe place where change can occur.

Best relaxation app ever

Used to play random relaxation music video on YouTube for relaxing. After I watch the nature relaxation video on YouTube, I'm so in love with all of the music with time lapse video, and downloaded this app rite away, omg I enjoy all the mini get away video.......highly recommend this to everyone!

This is amazing on Apple TV or IPad

It's a must if you have a office, go to the gym, just want something on with guest over but can still talk, or you just need a break from it all. It's like being there.

Best app out there for nature content

Love the selection of films and new releases!

Content is incredible

But, VHX.TV content never streams well with my ISP. Pauses for buffering every few minutes even though I have plenty of bandwidth. I don't know what's up with that.

Amazing Art

We love Davids work and now have several framed Screens showing his videos in our home.


The best

Beautiful videos

Beautiful videos. Plan to use in an office setting. Very well done.

Beast Nature Videos Out There

It's so nice to watch beautiful nature videos in high resolution and done really well. David is very personable and loves to help his customers have a great experience watching the videos also.


I work in a cubical for 70-90 hours a week. This application honestly helps me get away and truly RELAX. This app heals my soul. Get it.

Easy and Beautiful

I bought a video a few months ago and have really enjoyed playing it as attractive background for parties or conversations. They have created a restful background and wonderful ambiance. I thought I would try this app as an option to provide more variety. I am really glad I did! The photography is universally compelling, the design is do easy to use (I can just pop it up on my TV in a moment) and I can see people responding with a sense of relaxation as they let the pictures and sound simply flow over them. I am really enjoying this app and expect to use it often.

High-quality source for nature scenes

I love the quality of these videos, that they're shot from a perspective that makes the viewer feel a part of the scene, the lack of loops, and that there are static videos as well as dynamic videos. There's no better source for this kind of content


Absolutely awe inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful!!!!!!!

Best thing on my tablet

Nature Relaxation is by far the best thing I have purchased in ages. Everything streams beautifully, and the app is set up really well. They keep adding improvements and it just gets better. Now for the bullseye- Dave Huting is the most magnificent producer of nature films you'll find. His work is absolutely stunning and will keep you amazed and coming back. There seems to be a steady addition to the film collection, and you can receive emails/texts letting you know when new material is available. There are tons already to choose from - and some videos are even available with different sound options - set to nature sounds, music, or both. I have also purchased from the website, and their customer service cannot be matched. The videos were top quality image/sound and so mesmerizing that I wanted to have access to the entire collection. I don't subscribe to things often or easily- this has been one of the best choices I've ever made. I intend to subscribe indefinitely. The films are wonderful both on my iPad and when I use Apple tv to view them on the television. I can actually feel myself relax in the first minute every time. It's always so beautiful, and it makes me feel like I'm right there. David Huting & everyone at Nature Relaxation: take a bow - truly phenomenal work!!

Too much music

This app has lots of beautiful scenery, but the ambient music ruins most of the videos I've looked. Need to be able to turn off the music on all videos. Not sure I will keep this subscription past free month stage...too bad!


Stunning, beautiful scenes all at your fingertips with whatever device you prefer in awesome HD quality. I've followed Mr Huting's work for years now, he is a phenomenal artist that gives us a world of beauty in troubling times. Highly recommended.

Absolutely love it

This is my greatest escape from the world. I could watch these all night, worth every penny. Thanks David, keep up the good work.

No uhn uhn

Cost too much for scenes! No way

Awesome cinematography

My wife and I will just leave David's nature videos playing and feel so rejuvenated. He is one of a kind, really.

Amazing Content once you manage to signin

Pros: The content on this app is truly amazing. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Cons: These have to do more with the platform/app that is serving the content. 1) I hate the sign in process for this app. You literally need to check your email everytime you login to a new device to authenticate. 2) I have experienced some choppiness in the video when streaming to chromecast which certainly breaks he immersion.

Truly Special Nature Cinematography

In Nature Relaxation, Dave Huting is fulfilling his life's purpose. He was born to do this. He selects from some of the most beautiful locations the most captivating scenes, all with a wonderfully talented eye for composition, depth of field, color and lighting. I believe you'll be amazed, and feel at peace and rejuvenated just like me by the end of your first video, and there are many to choose from. Wonderfully produced, let Nature Relaxation trasport you "from worry to wonder."


I have viewed many 4K nature videos by other artists and these are the very finest! Mesmerizing music as well! My congratulations to Mr. Huting for his excellent work and perceptive eye. Looking forward to viewing his next films!

Very relaxing!

These videos are beautiful and relaxing.

Love this app!!

Perfect for the office and those long work flights!!!

Hands down the best Relaxation app

From the excellent selection of videos from around the world to the beautiful music, you won't find a better app for escaping to total relaxation!

Like taking a xanex

These vids are extremely relaxing, I felt like I had taken a xanex after watching


I love this app, now I can take beautiful nature wherever and have serenity whenever!


What a great way to relax!

Love the app!

Always great for a quick getaway, without even leaving the house!

Paradise with the tap of a finger

Perfect gateway to relaxing images that immediately transport you to paradise for a few minutes or hours depending on how much time you have to spare. Perfect for a mid-day break from a stressful work day to free your mind and relax your spirit.


By far the best Nature app available. Highly effective meditation and relaxation tools.

Awesome app

This app is really cool! I recommend

Great App!

Amazing HD relaxation Videos from all over the world!

Perfect for my office - total Zen!

I play these on a spare monitor in my office and I love how they keep me feeling relaxed, even though theres not a single window. Works great on my iPad too!

Awesome app! Best nature video app I can find

Love the quality, selection, and ease of use. I subscribed for the year!

Best App!

Love these wonderful videos. Now I can relax anywhere and anytime!!! Thank you


Grate app helps me relax on a stressed day

Love these

Nature relaxation puts out some of the most stunning visual images on the web. Been a customer for two years. Different landscapes to suit different moods.

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